interior styling & decorating

Picture your idea of home. 

Even if you don’t know how you want it to look, you likely know how you want it to make you feel.


At Haven Home Solutions, our goal is to help you achieve that feeling with colors, textures, fixtures, furnishings, accents and details that will transform your home into your favorite place to be.

Our philosophy

We believe that organizing and decorating are not two separate fields. Your decorating project will always include a deep dive into any functional challenges you face, and organization solutions for any problem areas. We'll ensure your newly redecorated space won't be tainted by any lingering storage issues. We believe a room cannot be fully beautiful if it is not well organized and easy to maintain.

Decorating packages

All decorating packages are available nationwide with virtual services and e-design. 

Room design and E-design 

This is the full package. No matter where you're located, we'll help you transform your rooms into spaces you love.

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Design lite

Mood boards and floorplans help guide you and narrow your choices, while you work at your own pace. 

How it works.

Complete home analysis

Perfect for clients who need help with organizing and decorating challenges throughout their home.

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Paint color consultations, single furniture item selection, and more. 

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Additional services 

Step 1: The Consult.

We’ll tour your room in person or over video call, guide you through what you do and don’t love about the space, and discuss how it could be different.


Step 2:  The Look.

We pull together a preliminary look and second option, with a floor plan that maximizes space and traffic flow, and a mood board so you can visualize how everything will come together.


Step 3: The Plan.

You'll provide feedback in up to two rounds of edits, and we’ll make final tweaks to the products and floor plan, and finalize paint colors and additional treatments.


Step 4: The Install.

As any new purchases arrive and old things go out the door, we’ll be on hand to answer any questions you have. If you’re local, we’ll also recommend painters, contractors, handypersons, or other vendors you might need.


Step 5: The End.

Once everything has arrived, Haven will spend up to 4 hours consulting virtually or at your home to ensure your room is photo-ready and styled to perfection.

Room design and E-design

One room for $500, each additional room $400

No matter where you're located, Haven provides customized solutions for your home. With our room design package, we'll help you decide how you want your room to look and function. Here’s what you can expect:



Design Lite

$150 per room

Some clients already have their furniture, but don't know how to lay it out in their new home. Others love the process of collecting antiques one by one, but don't know how to pull their pieces together into a cohesive design. Whatever the reason, our Design lite package can help give you the guidance you need to finish your space the way you want to. 

We'll schedule a consultation to walk through the space together, see where you're starting, and learn any ideas and plans you already have. We'll then provide you with several floor plan ideas for the space that take into account any pieces you already have, as well as suggestions on scale for anything you still need to purchase. We'll also create two mood boards for the room, with color schemes, products, and inspiration you can use to pull together your final look at your own pace. 


Complete home analysis

Custom pricing starts at $350

So many of our clients have lukewarm feelings about their entire home--they've partly furnished but don't know how to pull together a cohesive look, don't know how to add personality to a builder-grade property, or have storage and organization problems throughout the space that get in the way.


During an in-depth home walk through, we'll spend time in each room and talk with you about what works and what doesn't, what you love and don't love, and how you use the space and how you'd like to. We'll then provide you with a list of room-by-room solutions and ideas that will change how you think about your home. We'll also include tips and ideas for decorating and polishing the space, clearing out clutter and streamlining organization, and how to prioritize the projects.


Additional services

Paint color consultation. $100.

We'll pull together a color palette for as many rooms as you'd like, making sure the colors complement one another throughout your whole home.

Single furniture item selection. $100. 

We'll find you up to 10 options that will work well with your current room in terms of color, scale, and style.