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paint color consultation

The Right Notes

Have you ever painted a room and suffered immediate regret, or stared in panic at the 100 different shades of white available at the paint store?


No worries—we can help! We'll help you find inspiration for the perfect colors, and teach you how to try them out in your space.

By the time the painters show up, you'll be ready with a color palette that thrills you.

The cost for this package is $200.

What is

E-Design means that you don't need to be located nearby in order to work with us! Every single part of our Paint Color Consultation—in addition to all our other packages—can be completed entirely remotely.


Using video conferencing and file sharing, we'll tour your home,  share files and photos, and even help you style and finish the space, all without needing to set foot in your home. 

We've worked with clients in Chicago, North Carolina, Maine, and more. We'd love to add your home to our list! 

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Any questions for us? Are you ready to get started? Click below to schedule your free consultation!
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