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Haven Subscription Plans

Many of our clients have more than one area in their home that they find discouraging or frustrating, while others have one room in particular that requires a more intensive intervention. In either case, one or two organizing sessions with Haven may not be quite enough to tackle the project or projects as fully as they’d like.

To meet these needs, Haven is now pleased to offer subscription plans to our clients. These three-hour sessions occur at regular intervals, and each package offers significant discounts on our base hourly rates. Regular appointments scheduled in advance provide our clients with both predictability and accountability, ensuring the goals they’ve set are met and seen through to completion. Sessions are 3 hours in length, but additional hours can be tacked on as needed.


Subscription plans and rates:

Quarterly Plan. $250 per session.

Four visits parceled out throughout the year. Perfect for clients who don’t have a ton of time to devote to organizing, but who still want to make big changes.

Monthly Plan. $210 per session.

One visit per month, for a six or twelve month term. Visits will help you make steady progress toward your goals, tackling different problem areas or chipping away at a larger project.

Bi-Weekly Plan. $210 per session.

Booked in three or six month packages, these sessions will occur twice a month and are perfect for making rapid, targeted process toward a particular goal. These visits can be helpful for a more detailed project involving inventory, sales, etc.

Regular hours. $300 per session.

Want more information? Send us an email to get started.


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