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Quarantine Home Planning Consultations

Helping you adapt your space during quarantine

Your home is likely set up to accommodate your normal day-to-day life--which has suddenly become wildly different! You're working remotely, homeschooling kids, and making space for creativity and play and relaxation all at once. How do you fit all of these tasks into your existing home? How do you carve a workspace into a living room? How can you find a quiet zone for video conferencing while the rest of the family is making lunch in the next room?

Haven can help

During a 60-minute video call, we will take a tour of your home, talk through the assets and challenges you're facing, and help you understand how to craft zones for work and play that keep everyone in the family sane. Following the call, you'll receive a full list of our suggestions for your space and quick floor plan sketches. For an additional fee, we'll provide you with detailed floor plans of suggested furniture layouts based on measurements in up to three rooms.

Quarantine Home Planning Consultations

For this package, you'll receive:

  • 60-minute video conference

  • Complete, written list of our suggestions

  • Quick floor plan sketches

  • $50 off a future service with us

  • Total package cost: $75

You can reach us at the link above, DM on social media, email us at, or call 571-306-1570.

We're all asking so much more of our homes right now than we ever have--let us help you make your space as calm and functional as it can possibly be.


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