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5 Simple Solutions: How to make peace with winter

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

I don't know about you, but I always find that I can enjoy winter until after the new year. Autumn is crisp and cool, and the holidays bring lots of time with family and friends--and then January and February and March drag by, slow and cold. That's the time that I start to get sad and mopey.

So a few years ago, I set out to make a list of moments I hate in winter: times when the cold gets under my skin, and I become particularly grumpy waiting for spring. I made my list, and found a solution for each. And guess what: it worked! I made my peace with winter, and now I can make it through those cold months without feeling miserable. Here are five of the problems I noticed, and solutions to buy and try.

Problem: I'm cold getting into bed at night

Buy: Flannel sheets

Getting into a cold bed is the worst! Flannel sheets makes such a difference. Not only does the thicker fabric keep you warmer, but the brushed finish also feels warm to the touch, so you avoid those first minutes of shivering when you get into bed.

Try: Use a blow dryer

Before getting into bed, use a blow-dryer to blow got air under your blankets. This is actual magic. Presto: warm sheets!

Problem: I'm cold getting out of bed in the morning

Buy: Programmable thermostat

This is a winter game changer. Set the temperature cooler at night for sleeping, and then schedule it to start warming to your daytime temperature an hour or two before you wake up.

Try: Keep a sweater under the covers

Keep a warm layer under the covers with you at night. That will keep it pre-warmed for you, and you can wriggle into it before getting out of bed.

Problem: I'm just cold all the time

Buy: Clothes for colder climates than the one you're in

I spent years buying outerwear for my area's relatively temperate winters, and was constantly freezing. I finally started buying coats and such that were designed for areas much farther north, and it made such a difference!

Try: Dress for your perception of the weather

Same thing, but use what you have and wear more layers than seems necessary. Don't dress for the weather in your area. Dress for your perceived temperature. I promise it'll help!

Problem: The gloom gets me down

Buy: Sun lamp

A sun lamp can give you that added bump in your mood that helps you get through until Spring.

Try: Lean into the mood and light candles

Winter can be moody and romantic if you let it! When it's getting dark and you're stuck inside, leave your overhead lights off. Instead, use lamps and candlelight when you can. The warm, low light makes the dark and cold feel cozy.

Problem: Cabin fever sets in

Buy: Book a vacation for March

Our anniversary is in March, so my husband and I tend to take a trip that month, and having something to look forward to is so helpful! March is low season in most places, so it's a cheap time to travel. By the time you get back it's almost Spring.

Try: Plan staycation activities

Spend some time now researching local activities in January, February, and March, and get them on your calendar! Make plans to get out of the house and spend time with friends. You aren't a bear, so don't hibernate!

What do you think? What are your best tips for making peace with winter? Let us know!


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