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Three tips from a one-session closet organizing project

Master bedroom closets are often the last priority on our minds--it seems more important to focus on spaces that guests see, or to work on keeping the kids organized, and our own space falls by the wayside. That was the case for our clients--they have a great space available for storage, but it still wound up feeling chaotic and out of control. This is what it looked like at the start of our session:

Nevertheless, we were able to tackle the whole space together and completely transform it in just one session. We're so proud of the work our clients did in such a short time! Here's the after:

A couple of key changes made all the difference in this closet:

1. There is no shortcut to pulling everything out.

It always seems like it will be easier to just sort through things where they are. Don't do it! You risk short-changing the whole process. There is no substitute for pulling out every single item--it's the only way to truly inventory what you have, which is the only way to decide what you truly need. You'll be amazed at the difference! Our clients took their stack of linens down from two shelves of space to a single basket. Even being this thorough, we completed the inventory and had everything back in the closet in under three hours.

2: Know when to hang, when to fold, and when to roll.

It makes all the difference storing items correctly. Floppy things like leggings work better rolled than folded, while blouses should come out of the drawers and be hung. Store folded and rolled items in drawers vertically, rather than in a stack, and you'll be able to see everything you have at a glance.

3: Make sure your storage pieces are where you need them most.

In this closet, the main dresser was shoved into the back corner, while the rolling file cabinet was close at hand, even though it is only infrequently used. By simply shifting the clothes dresser to the front of the closet rather than the back, the space looks infinitely tidier, and the most frequently used items are always at hand. Figure out what you need most, and put it front and center.

A few quick and easy changes made this closet so much more usable, and in record time! Go for those easy changes, and you'll be amazed at how quickly you can make a huge difference in your storage space.


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