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Whole home analysis

Looking at the Big Picture

Does this sound like you?

  • You have lukewarm feelings about your entire home.

  • You've partly furnished, but don't know how to pull together a cohesive look.

  • You don't know how to add personality to a builder-grade property.

  • Clutter seems to collect on every surface

  • You have storage and organization problems throughout your space.


Our Whole Home Style Analysis package will help you address all these concerns, and more, to ensure your home flows, functions, and feels the way you want it to!

The cost for this package is $350.

What is

E-Design means that you don't need to be located nearby in order to work with us! Every single part of our Whole Home Analysis plan--in addition to all our other packages--can be completed entirely remotely.


Using video conferencing and file sharing, we'll tour your home,  share files and photos, and even help you style and finish the space, all without needing to set foot in your home. 

We've worked with clients in Chicago, North Carolina, Maine, and more. We'd love to add your home to our growing list! 

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Featured Review
"Haven Home Solutions helped me design and lay out my living room. It was a tough space, being such an open floorplan. I absolutely love what they recommended! They provided several quality options and guided me every step of the way! Highly recommend!"


How Does It Work?

This package is designed to provide you with suggestions, ideas, and inspiration for every room in your home.


During a virtual consultation, we'll tour your home room by room while you tell us what is and isn't working for you. We'll brainstorm and troubleshoot new ideas with you, taking into account furniture layouts, color schemes, storage and organization, and more.


Once we finish up, we'll then provide you with a list of room-by-room solutions and ideas that will change how you think about your home. We'll also include tips and ideas for decorating and polishing the space, clearing out clutter and streamlining organization, and how to prioritize the projects.

Any questions for us? Are you ready to get started? Click below to schedule your free consultation!
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