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full room design

Redo your space, start to finish

​The Full Room Design package is our most robust. Working closely together, we will craft a space that is exciting, surprising, and perfectly suited to you. Our most important goal is always to create a room that feels like home. 

Read on to learn how our process works, and then get in touch with us to schedule a consultation. We can't wait to get started!

The cost for this package is $750 for the first room, and $600 for each additional room thereafter.

What is E-Design?

E-Design means that you don't need to be located nearby in order to work with us! Every single part of our Full Room Design Plan—in addition to all our other packages—can be completed entirely remotely.


Using video conferencing and file sharing, we'll tour your home,  share files and photos, and even help you style and finish the space, all without needing to set foot in your home. 

We've worked with clients in Chicago, North Carolina, Maine, and more. We'd love to add your home to our list! 

Room transformations, project updates, DIY projects, and more.
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The Design Process

No matter where you're located, Haven provides customized solutions for your home. With our Full Room Design package, we'll help you decide how you want your room to look and function. Here’s what you can expect:

Step 1: Intake meeting

Once we've agreed to work together, we schedule our intake meeting, where we discuss your space in much more depth. We'll take time in each room to guide you through what is and isn't working in the space, taking into account everything from space use to furniture layouts to lighting to scale to decor. If you're local to the DC metro area, this meeting is typically in person at your home, but it works just as well over video call!


Step 2:  Design meeting #1

Your Design Plan will address all areas of the big picture of your design: floorplans, fixtures, flooring, furniture, upholstery, rugs, built-ins...everything! We'll create two different looks for you, with mood boards that help you visualize how everything will come together.


Step 3: Edits

After you choose which Design Plan you like, you'll provide us with feedback about which ideas you like and don't like, and we'll source alternatives for you. Once the look is finalized, we'll move on to paint colors, smaller furniture items, softer treatments, and secondary elements.


Step 4: Purchasing and installation

Once our Design Plan is finalized, we move forward with purchasing and installing new pieces. If we have any carpentry or renovation projects as part of our design, we'll also provide you with design specs that you can share with your contractor, and be on hand to answer any questions as they arise.

Step 5: Final styling

Once everything has arrived, we will work on finishing touches like plants, pillows, and décor. If you're local, we will source these items for you and style them in person. For e-design clients, we'll walk you through the process virtually. At the end, your home will be photo-ready and styled to perfection.

Get started with a free consultation

We'll meet virtually for a consultation to talk more about working together. You'll tell us about what you're looking for, and hopefully give us a quick video tour of the space. Then we'll talk about our packages, and how we can help. This consultation is our first step in any design project, and is always free.

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Featured Review
"I engaged Haven Home Solutions to help me rethink and redecorate two rooms. Since I don’t live in their area, amazingly they made it happen via Google Drive, email and conference videos.

They helped me to determine the best uses of the rooms based on my needs and preferences. Then they created optional floor plans, room colors and layouts, and provided detailed sourcing information for suggested furnishings, storage and décor.

Jennifer and Christy were available to answer multiple questions, and encourage me in my decision making. I appreciated their gracious and effective direction.  Both rooms now make more sense with classy, unique and useful features. I spend a lot more enjoyable time in them!"


How We Work

Our first priority is always to create a space you love. That means that we listen closely to your hopes and ideas, as well as any frustrations you have with the space. Your home should be somewhere that brings you joy, and we will make sure to make that happen for you! 


Our goal with your Design Plan will be to bring you some options that are exactly what you want, and some that gently stretch you, and encourage you to think about your space in a new light. 

Regardless of what you choose, you can rest assured that we have considered your space from every angle, and together we will arrive at a room you truly love. 

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Any questions for us? Are you ready to get started? Click below to schedule your free consultation!
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