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The magic warmth of a dark room

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Each project has its own set of challenges, but this one had a logic problem: how to create a warm, cozy space without adding much decor, and no soft textures whatsoever. Quite a challenge, no?

This is the room we started with for our client. Lauren and Peter have a lovely home with plenty of space, so they use this room as an oasis, a retreat: a place set aside for the two of them to sit in front of the fire, read books, and drink wine together. It needed to be comfortable, inviting, and beyond cozy.

Typically, we'd layer in some styling on the mantel and window seat, and lots of fluffy textures: blankets, rugs, pillows, etc. In this case, we weren't able to do any of that! Lauren and Peter are minimalists who have little patience for knick knacks, and they suffer from punishing allergies--upholstery in their home is exclusively leather or something that can easily be thrown in the laundry.

The way to add intimacy and comfort in a space that needs to stay relatively bare is to lean into mood, and the best way to do that is to take a light room dark. The yellow in the space previously kept the room feeling bright, but the walls felt cold--the opposite of our goal. Instead, we leaned into design elements that are found throughout their home--honey oak flooring and trim, and lots of blue. We found a deep blue shade that brought out the warmth in the floor, ensuring the whole room feels intimate. Here's where we are now!

We think the room is everything they were hoping for--inviting, cozy, and intimate--without any unnecessary allergens or tchotchkies. Our clients love their newly christened Blue Room. We're so excited for how this project turned out!

Stay tuned for more from these clients--we're working on their family room design right now, and just finished up their den, as well! More soon.


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I can't believe what darkening the room did to make it feel warm and inviting! Beautiful. I'd spend lots of time in there.

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