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Heather's breezy living room

Heather has a gorgeous home! A few months ago, we worked together to help her pick out new light fixtures throughout the main floor of her home. When she decided it was time to do some minor renovations to her living room, she asked us to give the space a refresh at the same time. Here's where we started:

The living room is architecturally beautiful. The asymmetrical ceiling line is interesting, and the floor to ceiling fireplace provides such an excellent focal point for the room. Double doors and tall windows help the whole space feel bright. But the darker paint color and dark furniture were making the room feel dated, and the opening to the upstairs and the kitchen made sound travel horribly throughout the house. Heather decided she wanted to scrap everything and start fresh with a Scandi modern feel. Here's where we wound up!

Heather wanted a space that was breezy and feminine, and I think it came out perfectly that way! This room is something of a bonus space for her. The TV room is elsewhere in the house, so this area gets to be totally separate, a space for relaxing, reading, napping in the sun, and playing with the dogs. It's lush and green, with plants and beautiful things all around.

Heather is a design lover, herself--so while she wanted some help pulling together a cohesive look, she handled most of the styling herself! She's excellent at finding beautiful, individual elements that work together as a whole. She was so much fun to work with!

Heather's sister Melissa is an artist, and she painted these gorgeous pieces! We needed something really huge to match the scale of this wall, and she totally stepped up.

All in all, we're just loving this bright, fun, and beautiful space.



Sofa: West Elm

Chairs: West Elm

End table: West Elm

Rug: Ruggable

Paint: Sherwin Williams Ibis White

Photo credit: Cascades Studios


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