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Tosha + Dustin's Bedroom Update

We’re back with our last room reveal from Tosha’s pre-baby space update! This is one of my favorites so far. Here’s our starting point for Tosha’s master bedroom:

Obviously this room has a ton of benefits—we have a streamlined color scheme, with neutral pieces and bold choices. We have solid furniture pieces in good condition, and mostly we have SPACE! This room is big. There’s plenty of room to spread out.

However, it also had a number of problems. Because of the scale of the room, the media stand feels a bit adrift on its wall. Those excellent velvet blackout curtains are so luxurious and heavy they were pulling the brackets off the walls. We had an accumulation of additional pieces in the room that don’t particularly go together—the picture ledges, the book shelf, etc. The night stands are a perfect wood tone to work with the bed, but next to the substantial bed, they felt a bit flimsy. Finally, the armoire piece, an heirloom piece from Tosha’s husband Dustin’s family, didn’t particularly blend with the rest of the room, and given its position wound up feeling imposing.

Here’s where we are now!

One of our first changes was to get reinforced curtain rods, up to the challenge of holding the weight of the curtains, and to install them to the outside of the window. This opens up the space so that more light can shine through in the day, and helps those beautiful curtains make more of an impact by taking up more of the wall space.

The armoire had the biggest face lift in the room. We reached out to Kelsey Stidley at Vintage Remedy, who does beautiful work refinishing furniture with lacquer. She did SUCH an excellent job transitioning this very traditional piece into something soft and modern! The lighter color makes it feel less imposing in the room, and the updated hardware helps tie it in with the new night stands and curtain rods. (Funny story—Tosha purchased the media stand in their room at Lucketts, a store that sells furniture flips from many local artists. When Kelsey came to pick up the armoire, she noticed the media stand—and it turns out that the media stand is a piece that Kelsey refinished and sold at Lucketts several years ago! Talk about kismet.)

Another of my favorite transitions is the media stand. By adding these substantial wood pieces behind the television and grounding the area with greenery, the grouping is able to command space on that large wall so much better.

Over the bed, we wanted…something. It needed to not compete with the substantial impact the curtains are making, while not leaving a blank rectangle over the bed. This starburst mirror piece gives just enough substance to fill the wall, without drawing too much attention to itself.

Overall, we love this sophisticated, streamlined room!



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