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Erin+Andy's Phish lounge

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Erin and Andy are just the sort of spunky, quirky, and flexible clients that make collaborating on a project super fun. Because they were really committed to the idea of a truly unique space, we were able to make so many exciting decisions, and create a room that is bold, warm, vibrant, and anything but ordinary.

Here's where we started out. Their open plan living and dining room space was perfectly functional, but it didn't excite them. A railing cut the space in half, the floorplan in the living room was tricky, and no part of it reflected their personalities.

Here's where we wound up!

The first thing we tackle with any client is how they use the room. After really delving into how they use the space, we realized that a space that blended the dining and living areas made a whole lot more sense for them. Instead of the railing, we added a dining banquette (made by Gary of Cascades Studios). This serves the purpose of having a safety barrier near the ledge, but the bench can be used as seating either at the dining table or facing the living room during parties. It also adds a ton of storage to the room with doored cabinets on one side, and a lift top chest on the other.

The table itself is one of our favorite elements! It's an antique piece--around a century old, with all the wear and patina that comes with it. But this one in particular caught my eye for its almost pop art vibe, brought by the large drizzle of orange paint across the surface. It turned out this was one of those perfect happy accidents: the paint arrived by way of an untied shoelace. But we loved it, and the way the unexpected orange contrasts with the gorgeous period history of the table. Erin and Andy named the table David Bowie! The table's hybrid style reflects what we were going for in the whole design: the contrasts of luxe velvet, rich wood, traditional style, and modern art.

The colors in the room make us giddy.

The gallery wall of concert paraphernalia and the American flag family heirloom all round out the space with interest and flair.

This room used to be careful: it maintained all its functions, it was decorated tastefully and gently. This room is none of those things now! It's wild, vibrant, and cheerful as it can be.

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Paint: Sherwin Williams Rose Tan at 50%

End table: CB2

End table: Target

Rug: Ruggable

Dining bench: custom, Cascades Studios

Dining cushions: Hazels Fiber Arts

Mantel: custom, Cascades Studios

Dining table: Antique with paint splash, Back Dorr


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