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Erin+Andy's Creative Office Spaces

A narrow office in a loft with a leather desk chair

Today I’ve got a double feature for you: a pair of offices in our ongoing series revealing Erin and Andy’s colorful home.

Erin's Office

Let’s get started with Erin’s office, which was the same blank canvas as the rest of the rooms we worked on: gray walls, functional furniture.

We wanted to keep this consistent color scheme going throughout the rest of their home, which we managed in Erin's office with this excellent wall mural. The mix of color and patina is worn and beautiful, and is set off perfectly by all the white elements.

Office with desk, laptop, white lamp, and wallpaper

Erin wanted a space to show off her personality and be surrounded by meaningful pieces, so we took the opportunity to bring in the vintage children's table and the typewriter, both of which are family heirlooms.

Color did most of the work in this room! I just love how it all came together.

Andy's Office

Remember back in their bedroom reveal, I mentioned that there was a loft? This little hallway was entirely under-utilized as a storage space, housing the last of the boxes they’d never unpacked from their move.

After dedicating some time to going through their things and downsizing, we were able to transform this space into a totally functional workspace! Andy’s work from home days are pretty minimalist, but we were able to add a few small cabinets for storage, and bring in this excellent vintage rug. Family heirlooms and souvenirs from Andy’s career in journalism provided us with plenty of décor in here.

In the end, we transformed this storage area into a perfect little perch.

Only a few spaces left—more to come!

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