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lite room design 

Go at Your Own Pace...
With Help.

If you need some help bringing your space together, our Lite Room Design package may be just what you're looking for.

Some clients already have their furniture, but don't know how to lay it out in their new home. Others love the process of collecting antiques one by one, but don't know how to pull their pieces together into a cohesive design. Whatever the reason, our Lite Design lite package can help give you the guidance you need to finish your space the way you want to. 

The cost for this package is $300 per room.

What is

E-Design means that you don't need to be located nearby in order to work with us! Every single part of our Lite Room Design plan—in addition to all our other packages—can be completed entirely remotely.


Using video conferencing and file sharing, we'll tour your home,  share files and photos, and even help you style and finish the space, all without needing to set foot in your home. 

We've worked with clients in Chicago, North Carolina, Maine, and more. We'd love to add your home to our list! 

Featured Review
"I loved working with Jennifer and Christy from Haven Home Solutions on my redecorating projects! I was thrilled to discover expert advice and some absolutely perfect pieces with the help of designers who shared my values and interests and felt like friends. With all this time at home I'm so glad I actually enjoy being in my space now!"


How Does It Work?

Starting with a virtual consultation, we'll walk through your home together and talk about any ideas and plans you already have. We'll help guide you through a brainstorming session about what is and isn't working for you in the space, and where you'd like it to wind up. 

First, we'll provide you with several floorplans, including different ideas for how to lay out furniture you already have, or items that are on your shopping list. Hopefully, we'll help you see possibilities you hadn't seen before!

Second, your Lite Design Plan will include two mood boards with color schemes, product ideas, and inspiration you can use to pull together your final look at your own pace.

Any questions for us? Are you ready to get started? Click below to schedule your free consultation!
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