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Finding the Perfect Piece

Have you ever bought what you were sure would be the perfect piece, and brought it home to find that it didn't work at all?


...Have you done that more than once?

We can help! Our Furniture Selection consultation will help you choose that perfect piece you need to pull your space together.

The cost for this package is $100 per item.

What is

E-Design means that you don't need to be located nearby in order to work with us! Every single part of our Furniture Selection package—in addition to all our other packages—can be completed entirely remotely.


Using video conferencing and file sharing, we'll tour your home,  share files and photos, and even help you style and finish the space, all without needing to set foot in your home. 

We've worked with clients in Chicago, North Carolina, Maine, and more. We'd love to add your home to our list! 

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Featured Review
The advice Christy and Jennifer gave my husband and I was a huge help in us finishing the baby room before our little one arrived.  They  made everything easy and provided a variety of options that worked well with the theme we wanted and within our budget.  They really listen well and work hard to incorporate your ideas into a beautiful end result.  It was truly a pleasure working with Haven Home Solutions!


How Does It Work?

Following a virtual consultation to see your space and discuss what you're looking for, we will source up to 10 options that will work with the size, scale, and aesthetic of your room. 

Need a little more help? Try pairing the Lite Room Design package with the Furniture Selection package, to give you some guidance for your room and specific suggestions for just the few items you need a little more help with!

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Any questions for us? Are you ready to get started? Click below to schedule your free consultation!
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