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Esther+Taylor’s Grand Dining Room

Last time, I showed you Esther and Taylor’s cozy living room, and today we're on to their dining room! Like we talked about last time, they were having trouble deciding which space to use for their dining room, but it became clear when we talked about it that they love to linger over a meal with friends. Cozy dinner parties by the fire proved too good an idea to resist, and so we decided to create the grand dining room of their dreams.

Here’s the room before we got started.

And here’s the room today!

The space is larger than is strictly necessary for a dining room, so we leaned into it with an oversize dining table. The generous seating available means that they have plenty of space for big parties, but since the room is off the kitchen, it still has a homey feel, and isn’t too much for day to day family use.

The house was painted a soft gray that felt cold, and didn’t particularly align with the beautiful warm beiges in the kitchen tile. We swapped it out for a soft white that did so much to warm up the whole house.

We kept the space relatively simple, with clean, modern lines and organic shapes, a theme we leaned into throughout their home. We kept the fireplace wall simple, with mild textural artwork and a mirror that reflects the beautiful capiz chandelier.

The room is able to flex to from formal dinner parties to simple family dinners, and has truly become the heart of their home.

Check out the rest of Esther+Taylor's home*

*links will be added over the next few months. Check back to read the rest as they go live!


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