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Esther+Taylor’s Organic Modern Bedroom

Esther and Taylor’s bedroom in their new house was much like the rest of the house: plenty of space, luxury upgrades, gray walls, and mostly unfurnished. In other words, it was a blank canvas!

Here’s the room before we got started.

And here’s the room today!

We wanted to lean into a clean, organic, modern feel in the bedroom, blending with the rest of the house. Starting from scratch, we brought in a gorgeous leather bed, and upgraded the nightstands to a better scale to match with their bed. We went with a color palette of soft charcoals, mossy greens, and whites and creams. Rather than trying to ignore the slightly strange bump out above the bed, we treated it like a feature by coating it in a Portola Paints Roman Clay finish, which adds a soft, matte richness.

Textiles did a lot of heavy lifting in this design, as well! The bedding adds a ton of texture and richness with layers of woven linen and waffle cotton. The curtains help anchor the room, provide context for the accent wall, and help disguise that the windows are off center on the wall.

My favorite part of the room is this fantastic seating piece we added in the corner under the window! It’s deep and wide enough for the whole family to cuddle up for a movie, or to truly spread out while reading a book.

The new bedroom is now perfect for them--soothing, refreshing, and serene.

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