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Home Organizing

Serving Northern Virginia and Washington D.C.

The things we own carry an emotional and psychological weight.​ There are already enough sources of stress each day—your home shouldn't be one of them.

At Haven Home Solutions, we are here to help you understand how you actually live your life, and to design custom organizational systems that are easy to use and easy to maintain going forward.

Haven in the news
We were recently featured in Gainesville and Haymarket Lifestyle Magazine!

Leading with Empathy

Organizing is sometimes about tidying a pantry or a linen closet—and we love working on those projects!


But for a lot of our clients, organizing is a deeply personal process, one that is often fraught with difficult emotions.


We truly believe that it is both an honor and a privilege to be allowed into your space, and it's one we will never take for granted. No matter how you feel about your project, we will help guide you through it with empathy, humor, and compassion. 

Featured Review
"I love how easy this space is. I love keeping it nice! Even though organizing is not my strong suit in general, I want it to be in order, because I’ve seen it in order and I love it.

Just wanted you to know that your magic is working."


How Does It Work?

Our professional organizing services are booked with a three hour minimum per session. 

The first step is our virtual consultation, where we'll talk through your project and come up with the approach we think will work best.


Our sessions vary! During some projects, we work independently to get a space organized and tidy. Other clients choose to work closely alongside us. Regardless, we customize our work with you so that you get a personalized solution that gets you where you want to be.

We offer a free consultation!
Ready to reclaim your space?
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