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Bright and Colorful Entryway

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Our clients Mel and Michael live together with their cat, Fred, in a space that they have been working to make cheerful and fun over the last few years--and they called us in for the absolute treat of getting to help them update their entryway in the same vein.

Mel and Michael are very vibrant people. When we first got started, they described their taste in art and decor as "whimsical nonsense," and their home backs that up--their art collection includes a Renaissance-style oil portrait of Okoye from Black Panther and a kraken with a rubber duckie taking a bath, among other colorful and imaginative pieces. Based on all this character, we knew we had the opportunity to bring in color and interest everywhere we could find! Here's where we started:

The entryway they have is kind of a jewel box--it's got the grandeur of a cathedral ceiling entryway, but on a much smaller scale. It's a really functional space, with a coat closet and a half bath, but the floor was carpeted, which is nobody's favorite flooring for an entryway. There are no windows in the space and no opportunity to add any, and the light fixture was not up to the task of brightening up this dull space.

The bathroom was also much too dark, and terribly proportioned--for some reason, both the sink and the toilet were lower than standard height, making anybody using it feel like a bit of a looming giant. The grey paint was an unoffensive neutral, but added to the heavy, dark feel in the room.

After all that, here's what we came up with!

We rearranged the storage in the space, opening up the coat closet to make things easier to reach. This also has the advantage of bringing their knitwear into the open--Mel is a prolific and very accomplished fiber artist, and her scarves, hats, and shawls add another layer of practical art to the room. The cabinet provides excellent storage for shoes, as well as a spot for keys and mail.

We knew the tile was another opportunity to do something interesting and unique. We wanted the entryway and bathrooms to blend, while also having their own independent character. Using the same tile in two different colors, we were able to make a lip-less transition between the two rooms while sticking to a common theme. Using white in the small bathroom space also added a considerable brightness, and allowed us to make two very bold statements with the paint colors.

Since increasing the overall brightness of the space was out first priority, we went with a pink paint a few shades lighter than the bathroom color, bright enough to feel neutral-adjacent but still present enough to be a true color. The addition of an oversized statement chandelier echoes the grandeur of a traditional cathedral ceiling entryway, and brings a ton more light.

I have to admit, I had so much fun with this project!


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