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2020 Project Roundup

Almost nothing in 2020 went the way we expected it to! Despite all that, we were so excited to get to work on some truly exciting projects. Some of these were completed just before the pandemic set in, while others were completed almost remotely! Let's take a look back at some of the highlights of this truly unexpected year.

Kaylin's "finally settling down" apartment

We were so excited to get to help our client plant roots for the first time in years, creating a living room space in her DC apartment that felt like a cozy library.

Diagnosing why you can't seem to get started

So many of our on-site services were unavailable for much of 2020, but the organizing projects we did get to finish were so much more exciting for that reason! This was a favorite--making this client's home work the way she wanted involved significantly rearranging how she was using each room! Sometimes you need to start from scratch. The new space is more calm, with room for everybody.

Bright and Colorful Entryway

It's SO exciting to get to work on a project with more than a little fun involved! This entryway had lots going for it, but good lighting and color were not among them. With some funky tile, new decor, and a much brighter color scheme, it became a space that is exciting and invigorating.

Tosha's Girlygirl Nursery

We love it when we get to work with a client multiple times--getting to develop a relationship and see how their spaces continue to evolve over time is the most fun part. We finished three rooms for Tosha this year, all in preparation for her new baby to arrive! This nursery became a space that is soft and welcoming, with plenty of room for her to grow. Click the link in our bio to read the blog post, or go to our Click the link in our bio to read the 2020 Roundup blog, or go to

Tosha + Dustin's Bedroom Update

This bedroom has so much rooooooom! With this much space to spread out, there's plenty of space to fit what you need, but it's also easy for it to feel a little cavernous! With some storage tweaks and design tricks, we made sure each zone of the room was grounded and felt properly suited to the space.

Tosha's Dining Room Refresh

Transitioning this narrow pass-through dining area into a space that felt breezy and open was another exciting project of 2020!

Cabin Fever Renovation series

This project changed so much from what it was originally planned to be, but I'm so excited with how it is turning out! The decor is still a work in progress, and I'm still finishing up all the lighting, but changing the flooring, a bright white coat of fresh paint, adding board and batten to the walls, and better lighting all made this into a basement I am thrilled to spend time in, rather than one I avoid at all costs! More posts are still coming, so be sure to check back for updates.

The magic warmth of a dark room

How do you create warmth and intimacy in a room where you can't use textiles or much decor? Taking this room dark upped the cozy factor a whole bunch.

Sneak peek: Lisa's tropical living + bedroom

One project we haven't done a full reveal for yet--this bedroom leaned hard into a neutral tropical vibe, and we love the result! Just wait until you see the living room!

Thanks for sticking with us through this unbelievable year. We can't wait to see what comes of 2021!



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