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2021 Project Roundup

2021 may have wound up more similar to 2020 than we'd hoped, but we still had the opportunity to work on so many exciting projects! Below is a roundup of some of our most exciting finished rooms. Which is your favorite?

Haven in the news

We were so grateful to be featured in three publications this year! Check out our interview in Haymarket & Gainesville Lifestyle Magazine, as well as on Redfin and Family Handyman.

Kristi and Gary's Cheerful Living Room

If you've been following Haven for long, you already know Kristi and Gary, because we work with them all the time. It was such an honor to get to work with such creative, vibrant people on their living room design--this space is full of fun, playful elements, and Gary's custom woodworking.

Erin and Dale's bathroom reno

Erin and Dale reached out to us about their bathroom, which was the opposite of what they wanted--bright, refreshing, and open. We were able to take the space from its dark roots to the airy and relaxing space they wanted!

Lisa's vibrant living room

Like many of us, Lisa couldn't figure out how to get her space to a place that she was happy with. We had the opportunity to help her create a vibrant and invigorating space inspired by tropical oases.

Lisa's cool tropical bedroom

When it came to Lisa's bedroom, her space was plain--the opposite of her vibrant living room! We continued the tropical vibe, but relaxed, cool and serene.

Learning to trust your vision

This year was also a year for a ton of projects at my own home! I was excited to be able to finish phase 2 of my kitchen renovation. I shared the details about that, along with some thoughts about learning to trust your vision.

Heather's breezy living room

Heather has a gorgeous home! When she decided it was time to do some minor renovations to her living room, she asked us to give the space a refresh at the same time.

Gwen + Don's bathroom

My parents have lived in the same house in Northern Virginia for my whole life. In fact, my dad moved into that house when he was a teenager! And in all that time, the bathrooms had never been updated. We were thrilled to have the opportunity to turn their 1960s gem of a primary bathroom into a fresh new space.

Erin+Andy's Phish lounge

Erin and Andy are just the sort of spunky, quirky, and flexible clients that make collaborating on a project super fun. Because they were really committed to the idea of a truly unique space, we were able to make so many exciting decisions, and create a room that is bold, warm, vibrant, and anything but ordinary.

Thanks for sticking around again, folks. We can't wait to see what comes of 2022!



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