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Lisa's vibrant living room

Our client Lisa has a charming condo that she shares with her gorgeous cat, Aria. Like many of us, she couldn't figure out how to get her space to a place that she was happy with. Despite living there for several years, she'd rarely had guests over, feeling like the space wasn't one she was happy enough with to show off. She reached out to us with the goal of transforming her whole space into one that felt right! Here's where we started:

Lisa requested a space that felt lush and tropical. As you can tell from the rug, she loves peacocks! We wanted to give her a design plan that felt rich yet breezy, with lots of rich greens and blues. Here's the final design she chose!

Once she got started, Lisa realized she was ready to go bold! With vibrant blues and lots of greenery, her new space absolutely makes a statement.

The new space has so much life! We love it!



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