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Kara+Ian's Living and Dining Rooms

After finishing the family rooms at the front of Kara and Ian’s new home, we turned our attention to the back rooms, which they'd decided to use as the formal living room and the dining room.

The dining room is conveniently located off the kitchen, and they knew they needed a set that would work for entertaining and for daily family use. They wanted to incorporate some storage, and save room in the budget by keeping the existing dining table and chandelier.

In the living room, there are two large doorways, which meant that we needed to arrange the furniture so that we could maximize seating without impeding the flow of traffic. They also didn’t like the fireplace, and wanted to reface it. Here's where we wound up!

The angled walls in the room suggest a somewhat rounded space, which we decided to accentuate with a gorgeous curved sofa. We tiled the fireplace, and brought in a rustic wood mantel, which helped modernize the look and bring it in line with the aesthetic through the rest of the space, and then painted both rooms a lovely shade of lavender.

Kara and Ian’s aesthetic and color scheme definitely lean distinctly feminine, so we made sure to counterbalance that with some more masculine choices, like the tufted leather ottoman and the clean lines of the dining set. We brought in some movable drink tables, a pair of generous chairs, and as always finished things off with some greenery.

I just love this sunny, beautiful space!


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